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 DALEFOX LIMITED forex broker

Detailed analysis of the functionality of the brokerage platform. reviews are attached.

Deciding to make money on Forex means making a rather bold step. For many, this is a completely unfamiliar area of profit-making. The market operates according to its own laws, created by decades of continuous trading. So a beginner trader may have a hard time at first. Fortunately, there are companies that do exactly what they do as intermediaries between the market (Forex, commodities, stocks, indices) and ordinary investors.

If you decide to choose online asset trading, then you cannot do without a broker - because only such companies are licensed to provide technical facilities for trading (access to world markets). The client only needs to choose an intermediary and start building his own earnings strategy.

The website of the DALEFOX LIMITED company will tell you more about the cooperation of an investor and a broker, reviews of whose long-term work can be easily found in Google.

Brief characteristics of the broker DALEFOX LIMITED review

In the foreign exchange and stock market, which exist due to constant fluctuations in quotations, stability is nevertheless highly valued. If a company has worked there for five or even ten years, this speaks positively about the level of its expertise.

So the broker DALEFOX LIMITED from London has already developed its own good reputation. The main office to this day is located in the business district of London - City. Many brokerage companies have opened their offices here in the glass business center. A square meter of the area of such an office costs a lot, but this is a matter of status. For years of continuous work, DALEFOX LIMITED has accumulated more than ten thousand certified investors, and they live not only in the UK, but in 15 countries around the world.

Company office contacts, as well as e-mail are indicated on each page of the site:

DALEFOX LIMITED review on portfolios

The company offers six tariff plans and five types of assets in which you can invest. Let's open the site on the "Account types" page.

For example, the "Beginner" portfolio is definitely designed for those customers who are as careful as possible in matters of investment. Also, this tariff is suitable for those who have no savings, but who would like to try to make money on Forex. This tariff provides access only to the currency market. The deposit can be made in the amount of 250 euros to 5000. The plug is big and those who really manage to significantly increase their savings, and those who are just taking their first steps and just studying the market will fall into it.

Here is what entrepreneur Ewan Johnson, 35, from Ashbourne, UK, advises:

“I would recommend taking the beginner portfolio right away. Financially, it was not easy for me to do this, but my opportunities increased dramatically, as I was able to diversify my investment portfolio - I invested in shares of the American trading network and in currency pairs. I began to receive profit almost immediately and six months later I was also able to make investments in the raw materials market, in oil."

He talks about portfolio diversification, meaning investing in several assets in order to ensure that stable growth in one (the most stable, albeit slow, growth in the value of precious metals and shares of large companies) compensates for possible drawdowns in others (the exchange rate of currencies and cryptocurrencies is considered the most volatile).

How to build your strategy on the example of reviews

In this chapter, we'll take a look at what is called customer support. How does this relate to profit strategy? Quite straightforward - after all, the broker's client support includes:

All this is done by the company's managers. Some are consultant traders with extensive experience and special training. Other managers are Support staff, software and engineering professionals. Accordingly, a trader cannot cope without the support of both. And to build your own strategy, you should take into account the recommendations of analysts and the technical capabilities of the platform. By the way, you can install it on the website in the "Trading Platform" section, where there is also a link to download the application to your smartphone.

The company trains traders with minimal experience (including the support of trading sessions - within the Standard account plan), offers educational materials on the website and in the form of webinars upon individual request:

Greg Attwood from London, store manager, 43:

“This broker has the best service I've met. It's easy to make money with it, even if you've never tried it. Here are the most polite managers, the most understandable video tutorials, and your analyst will always help you understand the trend and find the right investment solution. "


DALEFOX LIMITED reviews confirm the company's reputation as a reliable trading partner. The company is recommended as a launching pad for beginners.


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Shields Ethelbert 02.12.2021

Customer support service reacts almost instantly. Any problems that I have ever had, and their little, quickly solve and are urgently solved. They were always fast.

Hicks Allen 04.12.2021

Good trading time. Narrow spreads and good leverage. Impressive services. Trading with them for a long time, and I have no problems. I am pleased with the services and satisfied with the trade profit.

Bryan Lambert 04.12.2021

I had a good relationship with my broker, a customer service manager, as well as with their customer support service. They relate well to me. I never doubt their services and signals, they were always good.

Stanley Scott 07.01.2022

Super team. Always very friendly (even a private conversation is possible). Many very competent consultants. I have the same consultant for 2 years, and he always calls me for information. MT4 and MT5 work super and super fast.

Hubbard Christopher 17.01.2022

I recently began working with this broker. But already ready to praise him. Especially for small commissions compared to other brokers. I put 5 stars.

Bell Brian 23.01.2022

Many of us are not professionals, but Dalefox limited Consultants helps, providing many information videos that are always updated on YouTube. I learned a lot and, of course, I earned good money, because no one wants to work at a loss.

Hodges Isaac 01.02.2022

For me, business is a reliability and long-term approach to customers. dalefox limited There has been a long time ago, it is not a young broker, with which you can easily get on the money. I recommend this platform.

Watts Donald 10.02.2022

They are the leading brokerage office. Currencies, goods, indexes or CFDs for stocks - everything is available in one place.

Sullivan David 11.02.2022

Reliable broker with extensive experience. Large selection of tools and two trading platforms. Pros: choice of platforms, low spreads, reliable company.