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FutureFX - scam? Broker rewiev 05 / 04 / 20 William Hunter Visitors: 1084 Rating: ★★★★★

Future Management Systems is an international regulated broker. FutureFX offers us to make money in the Forex market.
As is often the case, words don't match deeds. This is especially true for pseudo brokerage scams, which undoubtedly includes FutureFX. At best, we are faced with a kitchen. At worst, it's just collecting money from suckers.
The highly skilled professionals at FutureFX are working on behalf of their clients to provide them with a first class online trading experience. FutureFX is a strong advocate of transparency and sets the highest standards of security.
There are several trading accounts available. The minimum deposit amount is $500. As a no-name broker, that's a lot.
There are two identical sites, only on different domains. This is only relevant for fraudulent projects. In addition, one of them has only English, while the other has the Russian language.
Note the fact that the admins are trying to improve their reputation by ordering reviews and reviews.
We were trying to find legal information. We saw a list of legal provisions. Where are the registration details? Where is the license? Where is FutureFX regulated?
It turns out that the company is registered in Saint Lucia. That is, in the deepest offshore. Predictable. And the fact that this is not true. And if it's true, it's more of a serious disadvantage than an advantage.
The site futurefx.org has no license. But the futurefx.broker has posted a certificate of the FRMC - a fake pseudo-regulator, created by crooks to license themselves. Moreover, it was valid only till the beginning of fall 2020. What else can we talk about?
Future Management Systems - another fake broker, who will trick you for money. And for serious money. Absolutely not recommended!


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