What you need to know trading week in the forex market?

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Hello traders! Today we offer two opposite scenarios for preparing for the week. The first blue arrow scenario, if this scenario holds, enter only after the old highs are broken for better confirmation and a stronger trade. Big RSI divergence in 1 hour. The second bearish scenario with the formation of one.

Hello everyone, I already suggested a similar idea in a previous post, some took advantage of the opportunity to take from 120 to 150 points depending on the strategy. Well, we are back to the same support. We could accept the bounce or wait for the pullback if it came.

Triple top at resistance and daily trend trace at Fibo levels 0.786 Sell on breakout of triple top neckline

EURUSD is in a downtrend. We are at the daily low, perhaps the buyers have pushed the price to OB (resistance) at 1.09000 and if the price rejects at this level, shorting the low would be a priority because we are bearish. As soon as the price is on this area of demand (support), it will be so.

EURUSD is in a downtrend. In this long-term forecast, I see that the EURUSD market will continue to decline if and only if it breaks the block of daily orders and forms a lower low. I probably think that this will happen in the coming months, because we are at all-time highs in the dollar DXY index and.

Next week plan, EUR bearish against USD on different timeframes, 2H small bearish flag at resistance and Fibonacci 0.38 and rebound on SMM100 and SMMA 50 moving averages also with slight divergence on stochastic. In the Daily, we also track a candle known as a "shooting star".

Hello everyone. Here are 4 main reversal candles: Morning Star The Morning Star is a bullish reversal pattern. During a downtrend, the first candle is long and down. The second is called the Star, has a small body and closes below the previous low. Third candle.

Risk Disclosure: Forex and CFDs carry a high level of risk. By registering, any client confirms his understanding of his own personal responsibility for all transactions and acknowledges the risks associated with trading. The company has no influence on transactions, markets and trading signals, and therefore does not.

Today in this little lesson, especially after talking to you about liquidity in the previous lesson, I wanted to introduce you to order blocks! Before I go any further and for you to better understand, I invite you to read my liquidity primer if you haven't already. That being said, let's get down to business.

Hello traders! Today we offer two opposite scenarios for preparing for the week. The first blue arrow scenario, if this scenario holds, enter only after the old highs are broken for better confirmation and a stronger trade. Big RSI divergence in 4 hours. Second bearish scenario with double top formation.

Forex is an over-the-counter (OTC) market, which means that in order to take a long position, you must systematically have a seller opposite, and vice versa... If the Smart Money (Banks) want to buy a currency pair, therefore they need sellers On the market. The ease of placing positions in the market is called LIQUIDITY.

shoulder head shoulder with divergence on RSI and stochastics, + breakdown of bullish trend line and smma50, "inverted hammer" candles from 04/21/2022 bearish signal Objective entry into correction at the level of "138.265" - 138.108 "to get a good reward for risk and take profit at the next support level

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If price closes above the 1.6330/1.6360 low on H4, I will buy to target the next resistance. or at least MM200 (dark blue) Between 130 and 170 pips take (or not)

GBPCHF double bottom on H4 on support divergence, rsi bullish pullback, trend execution

AUDUSD is in a deep downtrend and for me the price is probably at the end of an upside correction and could probably continue its downtrend. An excellent entry into this trade for us towards the lows of the various take profits with a few pips stop loss on the right. TP1 0.72000 TP2 0.70000

Three main continuation patterns: The Three Ascending Method The Three Ascending Method is a bullish continuation pattern represented by five candles. During an uptrend, a long rising candle is formed followed by three falling candles with a small body. Finally, a wax candle with a long body covers all three candles.

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