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UIXONE - reviews 29 / 11 / 19 William Hunter Visitors: 1060 Rating: ★★★★★

UIXONE is supposedly a Singapore broker, the truth is that it was founded by some experienced traders from the CIS. It offers excellent cooperation conditions, which will never be realized.

UIXONE is another fake broker. There is nothing behind the pretty words and pictures. A standard pseudo brokerage shell, which, nevertheless, is able to scam you for very serious money. So you have to be as careful as possible, especially for beginners, which these crooks are targeting.
Despite the fact that UIXONE is a fairly young company, it will undoubtedly become a leader in the CIS investment market in the near future. Since its creation it has established itself as a reliable and conscientious partner for clients in different spheres of activity.

The company offers first-class service for clients of any income and financial ambitions. A stamped contract is signed with each client. Full legal transparency is the goal in the conclusion of contracts.
Six trading accounts are offered, the minimum deposit amount is $500. That's not too little.

The most important thing you need to understand is that there is not one word of truth on the UIXONE broker's website. Not one!
For example, it is reported that UIXONE is a sponsor of the Singapore national soccer team. Of course, this is a hoax, which, moreover, is very easy to expose.
No experienced traders from the CIS, who have been creating unique financial instruments since 2013, exist in nature. The UIXONE scam has appeared relatively recently, it has no history in principle.
The legal information is also fictitious. The registry of Singapore companies does not have the license number we are given here. A search on the name of the company also yielded no results.
The contact information is also nonsense, from beginning to end. The address, of course, is just a bunch of random letters and numbers. In addition to it, there is only an email account, but the check showed that even that does not exist!

That leaves only the feedback form. Do you really think that someone will respond to you through it?
The high entry threshold is due to the fact that the scammers have done serious work - created a full site with a lot of information, made up a story and documents. Also ordered a few false positive reviews and reviews on the network. Now they are going to try to beat it all back.
UIXONE is another fake broker. A dangerous scam that you should never mess with.


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