You can see an atom with the naked eye!

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One of the difficulties of studying the microworld is that it is extremely small. It, for example, cannot be examined with microscopes, which are not capable of distinguishing a single atom of an element. Therefore, scientists often have to study mysterious quantum effects indirectly. 

But sometimes you can still look at an atom of an element even with the naked eye. True, for this you need to resort to cunning. So the British physicist David Nadlinger was able to capture the ion of the element strontium on an ordinary camera. True, we do not see the light reflected from it, but the strontium atom itself emits photons - this is the "secret". 

For this, David Nadlinger placed the strontium ion in the so-called quadrupole trap - a device, which, with the help of an electric field, is able to hold the ions of a substance in one place, preventing them from leaving the trap. At the same time, the atom was irradiated with several lasers, which stimulated it to emit photons at a higher frequency. As a result, the atom became visible to the naked eye.




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