Anyone who invests in stocks wants - logically! - to see a strong return

Stock analysis: what is important for beginners 06 / 04 / 22 William Hunter Visitors: 604 Rating: ★★★★★

Analyze stocks carefully

Anyone who invests in stocks wants - logically! - to see a strong return. But how can investors generally find out which securities are promising? No one has a solution for this, there are too many elusive things in the stock market for this. So far, in many cases it has proved useful to carefully analyze stocks. There is fundamental analysis and there is chart analysis.


To the stock market! Stocks are plentiful and investors are spoiled for choice. Before investing, it is important to obtain comprehensive information, or rather: to analyze. Until now, in many cases it was possible to determine which stocks promise high returns and which ones have a rather poor outlook. The analysis was not and is not a guarantee of successful actions in the stock market, but can often give the investor good tips.


Fundamental Analysis vs Chart Analysis

Stock analysis can be fundamental or graphical. In fundamental analysis, an investor looks at certain key indicators of a company that are relevant to that company's stock. Chart analysis, also referred to as technical analysis by experts, is usually performed using specialized software. The main focus here is primarily on the price dynamics in the past, on the basis of which the investor is trying to understand certain patterns.


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