The German broker emphasizes the strongest beliefs of its analysts. Most of the selected companies show double-digit growth.

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Berenberg broker analysts each chose their own small preferred value: seven German companies and one

There are several themes in the selection: structural growth, quality, discount, a strong catalyst for action.

According to Berenberg, seven companies need to be bought.

The Aurelius Group promotion (code AR4) was recommended by Countess Martin for the purpose of 69 euros. The investment company has a discount of 25% on the value of its portfolio, while the shares have already received a premium of 40%. The sale of assets is expected to support the course.

Belimo Holding (code BEAN) is recommended for the purchase of Marta, Stab with a target of up to 5000 Swiss francs. The world leader in servomotors and control valves for heating, ventilation and air conditioning is developing in a steadily growing market.

Dermapharm (code DMP) is recommended by Charlotte Friedrichs, sending a course of 35 euros. The analyst emphasizes the presence of a laboratory on growth niches, not conjuncture (hay fever, hair fall products, athlete's foot, herpes, insect bites, and so on).

She predicts 12% annual sales growth between 2017 and 2021, as well as acquisitions.

Hypoport AG (code HYQ) is backed by Gerard Orgonas who is targeting a €210 exchange rate. The German leader in mortgage finance is present in a dynamic market and gaining momentum compared to its competitors.

The analyst predicts 25% annual earnings growth between 2018 and 2026.

PVA TePla (code TPE) is recommended for purchase by Gustav Froberg with a target price of 15 euros. The semiconductor chip specialist is capitalizing on booming demand in China and rising use of silicon in electric vehicles.

The analyst expects sales growth of 33% per year between 2018 and 2021.

Secunet Security AG (code YSN) is recommended for Alec O'Donoghue, which costs 135 euros. The computer security specialist focuses on the growth of cybersecurity, with annual sales growth expected to be 21.5% between 2018 and 2020 and operating margins of 18.4% in 2019.

The analyst highlights the company's monopoly on the security of computer networks in the German public sector.

Sixt Preference (code SIX3) is recommended by Benjamin Pfannes-Warrow for a tuition fee of 72 euros. According to the analyst, the car lessor has a 15% discount on the five-year average.

Despite steady growth and increasing market share, in Europe and the US. Finally, the dividend yield is close to 5.5%.

TAKKT AG (code TTK) is recommended when purchased by James Letten, which aims for a course of 20 euros. According to the analyst, a professional equipment specialist is considered low-end with a "free cash flow" yield of 9% and a solid balance sheet.

Selective cost cutting and price increases are expected to help stabilize margins despite more challenging conditions.


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