with the prequel Automata of the Nier series a difficult fate.

Review of NieR Replicant ver 1-22474487139-a 12 / 02 / 20 William Hunter Visitors: 592 Rating: ★★★★★

The original failed in sales, but the management of Square Enix still allocated money to Platinum Games for the development of Automata. The latter was extremely successful, thanks to which game designer Yoko Taro had a chance for revenge. It became NieR Replicant ver. 1. 22474487139.
The authors of the reissue, studio Toylogic, stated that Replicant ver. 1. 2247 is a cross between a remake and a remaster. After passing, you realize that they were not lying. It's still an eleven-year-old game, only much more beautiful, a little faster, and with additional content.

The world of NieR Replicant ver. 1. 22474487139-post-apocalypse

Humanity is almost wiped off the face of the earth, people huddle in small villages, beyond the borders of which live the Shadows — incomprehensible creatures fighting with humanity for the right to survive. The settlements of people are very different. If everything is civilized in the seaside town and village of the main character, then, for example, in the Eagle's Nest, all the inhabitants live in small iron houses-banks scattered on the slopes of the mountains, from which they refuse to get out.

Exploring the world, the player learns more unexpected details, and at the end of the second act, the game shows that all this time it had a second bottom.

Many of your actions have an additional meaning, some of the scenes look completely different, and some of the decisions made by the hero no longer seem right.If you are not playing the works of Yoko Taro for the first time, you will be able to predict the layout. The first passage here serves solely for the sake of priming. Want more? Go to the second round! Do you want to learn all the subtleties of the world? Welcome to the third round! In this regard, the new version of "Replicant" is no different from the original, so prepare in advance for the fact that one passage this time will not be enough.

The further you go, the more you will learn not only about the world around you, but also about your companions-an ever-chattering flying book, a complex teenager with the look of a Gorgon Medusa, and a rogue girl who, up to a certain point, did not think about anything but revenge. The company is very much in the spirit of Tarot. The characters are ambiguous, and you will probably change your opinion about them more than once during the game.Replicant offers not only to explore the world and learn more about the characters, but also to fight a lot. The remaster in this regard is worth praising — the action here is much better than what was in the original. Yes, it's still not a slasher (and the combo counter is not needed at all), but fighting enemies is nice.

Three different types of weapons (weapons can be changed on the fly), several types of attacks, the ability to use magic-everything is done here to make you feel confident in battle. And no one forces you to "master" all this and become the best swordsman in the village — if you want, you can go through the whole game, attacking with a single blow and not using blocks and counterattacks at all. Or you can dance around your opponents, interfere with them with parries and throw away the most annoying ones with magic.

If you are not interested in fighting at all and just want to follow the story, then you can turn on the automatic battle mode. In this case, the game will do everything for you — you just need to run up to the enemies closer.Unlike Automata, Replicant feels a lot different. Nir, the main character of the game — is not a killing machine, but just a guy who feels responsible for his own sister. He desperately takes on any job for the sake of money, which in the end constantly results in running around far away with fragile parcels, searching for skins and animal meat, as well as supplying building materials. And you never know at what point another boring quest will end with something completely unexpected.

The guy can also catch fish (and rusty buckets) and is able to dig in his own garden. Because of this, the game is no longer perceived as an action game. What monsters, what missing children, I have a vegetable garden there!

Replicant ver. 1.22474487139-a

In some places, the game stops pretending to be friendly, and shows a ferocious grin of its author. It turns out that there is a grind (the one who does not farm eagle eggs and black pearls does not know the pain), the level design in it is controversial at best, and the quests are mostly so-so. In short, as it was in the original, so it remained in the remaster, and not everyone will like it.NieR Replicant ver. 1. 22474487139-a game with a beautiful soundtrack
Immersion in the world of Replicant, however, is greatly helped by the soundtrack-written by Keiichi Okabe, as in the original. For the new version of the game, the authors recorded several new tracks, "combed" the old themes. It all sounds great. But here, of course, without revelations — the soundtrack was one of those things that in the original was praised, not scolded.

As for the content, the game included the DLC The World of Recycled Vessel, added a new story quest in the second half of the game, and added a fifth ending, which already appeared in the story The Lost World (in English, you can read here, but beware of hard spoilers). What is not a reason to pass the game once again?

But are you ready to tolerate not the best leveldesign, medium-hand side effects, grind for the sake of strengthening weapons and collect all its copies to open the "true" ending? You can stop at the end of the first pass, because it logically ends the game. The hero's goal is fulfilled, the villain is defeated, the good triumphs and rejoices. Or you can catch on to the hints that the game gave you by the end of the first playthrough and go to the second round.

The game itself will change slightly, but the story will play with new colors. After all, with the fifth ending, the game has a connection with Nier Automata. Replicant ver. 1. 2247, of course, is played and looks much better than the original. But is this enough to keep you in front of the screen for another 10-15 hours?

However, "Replicant" definitely deserves a lot of warm words This is a very good work on the game of eleven years ago, thanks to which you can not only play Nier on modern platforms, but also do not break your hands in the process. Plus — I don't really believe in it, but don't stop me from dreaming! - if the game is suddenly financially successful, Square Enix may approve a re-release of Drakengard. The original, of course, needs a remake, not a remaster.

But even if this does not happen, I sincerely hope that the remaster will find its audience.


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