Little Nightmares 2 can easily be recommended as a good platformer

Review of Little Nightmares 2 17 / 04 / 21 William Hunter Visitors: 1135 Rating: ★★★★★

Little Nightmares 2 can easily be recommended as a good platformer, and as a confusing, but still extremely fascinating mystical story about dreams and nightmares. However, it is much more surprising that this game can be just as well advised as horror. Truly scary-frightening not with screamers, but with eerie images, as if generated by someone's deeply sick mind.The first part of Little Nightmares is formally also a horror, however, despite the vile images of the creatures living in the "Womb", it is not so terrible to be in its world. Uncomfortable-yes, but to be directly scary — hardly. I suspect that an extremely important role in the case of the second part was played by the changed theme and much more inhospitable scenery.

The boy Mono, the main character of Little Nightmares 2, begins his adventure in a dense and dark forest, where he finds the heroine of the first part, the girl Sixth. Together they reach the city, over which, it seems, the sun has never risen. They enter the school, which represents all the fears of any child, and pass through the hospital-just as it would appear in your nightmare, with dirty corridors, eternal clangs and creaks.These are, of course, not all the places where the heroes will visit, but they are important for understanding the story. And I tell you about them without details-so as not to spoil your pleasure. Although the same Teacher, who is mentioned in almost every review, is simply impossible not to mention.

This tall lady with a cruel grin will scare you to death more than once or twice just by her terrible ability to stretch her neck to an infinite length. Meeting her, of course, is deadly, and therefore Mono is forced to hide from her in the shadows, which gives a sense of fear from the point of view of the gameplay. The great merit of the developers of Little Nightmares 2 is also that the Teacher and other monsters that Mono meets on the way to the ghostly goal are only initially perceived as meaningless images. Little Nightmares 2 is often compared to Limbo and — especially-Inside, similar in gameplay and style to the games of the Playdead studio.

Little Nightmares 2

In my opinion, the platformer Tarsier still wins both of them, at least in terms of the narrative and the story itself. And closer to the end, what previously seemed only meaningless images, it takes on clear outlines. Monsters, however, do not become less terrible, but the developers at least explain why they all look like this, and not otherwise. And they give a lot of hints about what's going on in Little Nightmares 2.

Simply put, this game has a clear idea that becomes more or less clear in the end. As for the final, however, they are already building theories, and all of them — with a sufficient number of reasonable arguments. Nothing like this about the same Inside, for example, can not be said.With the gameplay of Little Nightmares 2 — the same thing. The second part in this sense differs from the first only in that Mono from time to time beats small enemies with a hammer and a wrench, and also breaks fragile boards with a small axe.

Nevertheless, this is not a key element — and it does not pull on a combat system. At the center of the process are still spatial puzzles and, in fact, the platforming itself, tied to a realistic physical model. No, this is not a Portal, of course, but to jump on the bookshelves, you need to feel the weight of the character, understand how inertia will work in this or that case.

At the same time, in Little Nightmares 2, there are much more meaningful and logical puzzles — unlike the same Inside, where the developers themselves did not seem to understand the most important elements of their own gameplay. Tarsier, on the other hand, knows perfectly well what hints should be left for the player to come up with a solution.And much better, the studio seems to understand that the gameplay in its platformer can hardly be called perfect: Mono sometimes can not grab the ledge, although you seem to have pressed the right button, and the harsh timings during the chases-in general, a separate story. It is precisely because Tarsier understands all this that she has placed the control points as generously as possible.

For this reason, barely noticeable gameplay flaws are not annoying and are forgotten instantly, without even trying to distract from the story. You want to play just because of it — and sometimes it's scary to play, but it's extremely difficult to turn off and distract yourself with something else.

Some may be surprised that Little Nightmares 2, despite the fact that it has two central characters, is a single-player game. But believe me: this is only until you understand that the developers simply could not do otherwise.

To turn the second part of Little Nightmares into a cooperative platformer means to tell a completely different story, which, perhaps, would not be as frightening.


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