Prestigio Ecliptica 116 C3 Overview - The Transformer Laptop for Study

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Prestigio Ecliptica 116 C3 Overview: The Transformer Laptop for Study

There are a lot of laptops on the market for every taste and purse. But laptops for students are limited to the very basic and boring models. The Prestigio Ecliptica 116 C3 has been designed with education in mind: it features a shock-resistant chassis, moisture protection, swivel display, stylus and more. Read on to learn more.
The Transformer notebook is designed for users of different ages, including primary and secondary school students. That's why the brand's engineers didn't focus on compactness but on durability. The case of the device is designed to protect the internal components from damage when it is dropped from a small height. Prestigio Ecliptica 116 C3 is thicker than many modern devices. But it's relatively lightweight thanks to the use of plastic - only 1.4kg. It fits easily into a backpack and doesn't take up much space.

All ports are closed with rubber plugs. This provides IP54 protection, eliminating the risk of dust and moisture. The device should not be immersed in water, but a light summer rain will not damage the stuffing. By the way, the connectors have not been spared. There are two USB-A, one USB-C, HDMI, RJ-45 for wired internet and a combo headphone input on the casing. A nice bonus is the microSD slot for memory expansion or quick data transfer from a smartphone.
The notebook is made in a transformer format: the lid unfolds 360 degrees. Thanks to this design and the touch screen, the gadget easily turns into a tablet and back again. When the opening angle is nearing its maximum, the keyboard and touchpad are switched off to avoid false presses.
In addition to notebook and tablet mode, the device has a third operating option - presenter mode. In this case, the screen opens 270 degrees and the keyboard is used as a stand. A convenient way to display presentations and homework.

Prestigio Ecliptica

A comfortable keyboard.

The distance between the keys is optimal for blind typing, while the stroke is long, with good haptic response and a pleasant sound. Just below that is the touchpad, which has a high speed of response. It has good responsiveness and precision, and supports a variety of gestures. The touchpad can be used instead of a mouse.
Usually, in the notebook segment, you have to make a compromise: choose among the devices with cheap TN-matrixes. Prestigio engineers didn't skimp on the display - they use a high-quality IPS panel with Full HD resolution. For picture quality there are no claims. The image is bright and lush, from prolonged work on the device eyes are practically not tired.

The screen has a touch layer for tablet mode.

It can recognise your fingertips and is compatible with the supplied stylus. A stylus holder above the keyboard allows the stylus to be stowed away so that it isn't lost.
The stylus is a handy little pen accessory, allowing you to highlight words in documents, draw, take notes in a notebook and write lectures. There are two buttons to which you can assign different actions, from quitting backwards to launching apps.
The tablet format is not only suitable for using the pen, but also for other tasks: you can read books or textbooks, study documents, watch videos, browse the browser and much more. It's just like an ordinary tablet - suitable for work and leisure between classes.
The hardware allows you to expect an adequate level of performance in most scenarios, typical of such gadgets. The processor is a quad-core 1.1GHz Intel Celeron N4100. Thanks to dynamic overclocking, the cores can accelerate to a more impressive 2.4 GHz under heavy load. The integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics core is responsible for the graphics.

The processor is paired with 4GB of 2133MHz LPDDR4 RAM. A fast 128GB SSD is used as internal storage. There's plenty of space for interacting with documents and school applications. If required, a microSD card can be inserted or cloud storage can be used.
The device is suitable for everyday office work with documents, provides simple photo retouching and basic editing of small movies. The system is nimble: Windows starts up in seconds and programmes start up in seconds. Not a lot of RAM, but enough for simple scenarios like switching between a browser and a few Word files. The Windows 10 Pro OS installed on the laptop runs adequately with this reserve. The RAM drawback is only noticeable when opening more than ten active Chrome tabs.

Prestigio Ecliptica

The gadget is also suitable for video calls and online classes.

The webcam has a mechanism that allows you to rotate it 180 degrees. The webcam can be held in any position that's comfortable, whether you use it as a notebook, a tablet or a presenter.
There are no problems with wireless interfaces. The gadget communicates with 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks. The Ecliptica 116 C3 also has a Bluetooth 5.0 module for wireless headphones and data transfer.
A 6000mAh battery is responsible for battery life. When playing a Full HD movie, the Transformer notebook lasted 9 hours and 30 minutes at medium brightness in air mode. On similar settings, the laptop can handle eight hours of document and browser use - a typical learning scenario. It's safe to take it to school without a charger. The battery is enough not to think about looking for a socket during the day.

It comes with a proprietary adapter, but you can use your own USB-C unit to top up the battery. From 0 to 100% the device charges in around two hours.
The Prestigio Ecliptica 116 C3 is the perfect companion for students. This smartphone has all the essentials for learning: a big screen, a solid battery life and a touch screen with stylus. The Transformer format with three use modes and a pivoting webcam make it stand out from the competition. And the reinforced casing and moisture protection make the Transformer notebook a near-unbeatable proposition in its segment.


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