Ascent Global Trading - what kind of broker is this

Ascent Global Trading - scam? Broker rewiev 04 / 09 / 20 William Hunter Visitors: 878 Rating: ★★★★★

Ascent Global Trading or simply ASCENT GT is an absolutely incomprehensible company which positions itself as an investment broker.
The fact that this is a normal project seems only at first glance. If you look it up, it is a completely anonymous platform, which is not clear where it came from, it is not clear who owns it and it is not clear what it does.
A wide range of investment products covering stocks, fixed income and unit linked solutions.
Ascent GT is a global specialist in providing financial solutions for the international investor. The company originated in 2004 and has been managing portfolios for over 10 years. The advisory team has extensive experience in the financial industry.
Accordingly, everything will be done for us. Despite flaunting cool portfolio solutions, the investment plans are not described here. We don't even know what the minimum deposit amount is.
Let's start with the legal information. There is no separate page here. At the very bottom there is a text with the license number CR 1768527. What license is this? What country is this license? What financial regulator issued it? Not a word.
The site gives an address in Tokyo, which, of course, no such office can be found. On Google there is a company card, and it already has a Luxembourg address. We suppose that the license is from the CSSF, the Luxemburg state regulator.
Searching for it, we don't know such a license number.
They say they have been operating since 2004, but the domain was not registered until 2018.
The site is extremely low-quality, no one deals with it, some things have not been updated since 2018. They constantly broadcast about their exclusivity and perspective, but there are no facts. You have to call to get specific information. So then why did you create the site?
But no one knows about the existence of an alleged investment broker like ASCENT GT. Search engines confuse it with a phone from Vertu in general.
To contact ASCENT GT, which is a broker without a license and a real registration address, as well as without any history or reputation, is in no way possible.


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