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AlfaDirect - scam? Broker rewiev 04 / 04 / 20 William Hunter Visitors: 781 Rating: ★★★★★

AlfaDirect is supposedly a broker, offering us to multiply our capital without taking a break from work or study.
Such offers are actual only for swindlers. Any broker or experienced trader knows that exchange trading is a complicated process, which requires maximum attention. You can't work or study with one hand and multiply capital with the other, it is nonsense. AlfaDirect is not a broker.
They offer a convenient way to increase your capital. Earn money without interrupting your work, studies or rest. Trading on the stock exchange with AlfaDirect will be a source of additional profits and a good mood. As mentioned above - it's nonsense.
In addition to these empty, meaningless words, there is nothing else on this site. There is not even a description of the trading conditions. There are no trading accounts, and we don't even know how much money it takes to open an account here.
This is not a broker's site. Open the website of any trusted broker and see the huge difference between it and this cheap knockoff. There are only a few pages, there is no specific information.
There is no license to speak of - no one regulates the activity of this fake brokerage. There are only legal regulations which were taken from the unknown sources and which obviously do not belong to this company.
The contact information is also very sad. We open the corresponding page and see the e-mail box in proud solitude.
The gist of the scam here is very simple. AlfaDirect pretends to trade somewhere there, but in reality your money will be instantly stolen. The crooks will then ride on your ears, telling you that the funds can be withdrawn, that you need to invest more, that you need to wait and so on, but it's all bullshit. The money is gone, they stole it, goodbye.
AlfaDirect is a classic pseudo broker. A cheap scam by experienced swindlers. In any case, do not contact.


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